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Is your organization looking for a way to offer wellness as a resource to employees?

Wellness isn't just one area of our lives. It's all areas of our life in balance.

One of the key blocks to success in any area of our lives, is fear that we will lose balance in another - and this is certainly true at work. This is one of the key reasons that high potential employees aren't always high performers. It leads to self-sabotage, and other negative belief systems that can leave us feeling discouraged and dissatisfied at work - even if work isn't the real issue.

Increasingly, employees are expecting organizations to take responsibility for their wellness at work. In fact, companies that make it a priority to invest in their employees wellness as a whole - encouraging and providing resources for healthy practices outside of work, as well as offering resources that help improve other areas of their lives - finance, relationships, mental & emotional health, etc. - find that professional performance improves. This is fundamental to understanding holistic wellness - every area of our life is a puzzle piece, no piece is a picture by itself.

We offer the following services for organizations to incorporate wellness into their employee benefits:

  • Referral System
  • Subsidized Coaching
  • Team & Group Packages
  • Talks & Workshops

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